The mighty Orca salmon return

This is our 8th year in a row raising salmon eggs at Orca. We receive the eggs from the Issaquah salmon hatchery and grow them into baby parr that we then release in Seward Park around Earth Day. This is always one of  the highlights of the year. Visit the salmon in the hallway!


We have started our annual kindergarten salmon life cycle comic book in the downstairs hallway. They have made “egg” and “alevin” parts of the cycle so far. Stay tuned for more!


This is our fabulous intern Amy from the UW Pipeline program. We have been hosting students from the UW for many years and it’s always a pleasure (and massive help!) to have these students here helping out. Thanks Amy!


Students have really enjoyed visiting the salmon tank. While it is a challenge to have that many students see them in a small space, it’s so great to be able to point out the unique characteristics of the salmon’s growth cycle- in person.


A lil’ hype goes a long way in making learning exciting! (and corny, no doubt). May the Fish be with you!!


1st graders made salmon life cycle hangars that were so much fun to make. It took a lot of cutting, arranging, finagling, and more, but they came out pretty cool. Thanks Laura Grow for all the help on this project.





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