We have really been studying salmon lifecycles, native plants, & really gettin’ deep w/ these letters to President Obama about the Duwamish Tribe (see earlier post). BUT! It just felt like time to step away from the lofty ideas, heady explorations, and 2 dimensional concepts and get into some food!!!! No all the food wasn’t from the garden, but we made it our own as we chef’d up this fabulous Orca coleslaw.


On these rainy garden days, Spring seems a million miles away. So we wanted to bring a it a little closer with some fabulous salad preparation. All organic and all vegan (Vegenaise is a revelation!). The kids loved it- a full 90% were all about it. This is such a big part of this program- eating, working together,&  getting our hands dirty. This is a million miles away from Common Core and into true hands-on experiential learning. Forget learning by doing- learning by eating!


Fellow garden educators and aspiring cooking teachers beware- this involves a lot of set-up, breakdown, cleaning, food prep, shopping, etc. But the pay off when a youngster eats what they prepared and then enjoys the meal together with their friends, makes it all worth it.


Thumbs up! And let’s not forget that we fed the worm bins our scraps (we mostly avoided getting dressing in there, but it wasn’t perfect).




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