The salmon continue…

As we are getting set for our March 24th salmon release date at Seward Park, it is time to remember all the tremendous activities we have done to explore the world of salmon. We have done a lot of new activities and have had fun learning salmon science through art, games, and hands-on activities. As we move forward, older grades will be exploring the human impact on salmon environments and strategies for helping the salmon on their incredible journey.


We have a 5th grade class that has a 5 person group each week- a “salmon posse” that oversees the salmon tank maintenance.  They have done a great job in keeping the salmon healthy and alive- in fact we have had ZERO salmon casualties (for the first time ever).


Our salmon wall is super awesome too in the kindergarten hallway. Check it out before the salmon get released.


The incredible journey salmon games we did were so great! Many students took them home and played them with their families. The K-2 students played a simpler version of the game that they had a hand in creating from start to finish.


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