Orca salmon release 2016!


Our 8th annual salmon release was a huge success. We released 231 Coho salmon parr that we raised from eggs. Throughout their growth here, classes studied salmon life cycles, ecology, Native American use of salmon, and the impacts that humans have on the fragile ecosystem of salmon.


First our salmon posse of 5th graders who have been fabulous caretakers of the salmon tank had to fish them out and count them.


Then I headed down to Seward Park to meet the students before they arrived. All the K-6 classes walked  1.1 miles down to the park from Orca. Many classes have been down to work with the Seward Park Audubon this year, so this has been a great connection for us. Getting the salmon in dixie cups was a challenge but this approach works well. Students got in small groups and got their cups.


After students got their cup o’ salmon, they got a chance to wish it good luck, name it, admire it’s strength, and just hope for the best! This activity was joyous and the kids loved seeing their salmon swim off into the great unknown.



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    […] into the wilds of Seward Park’s Lake Washington shores. See last year’s release here. Until that release though, we learn about salmon through art and science lessons that are […]

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