Rhubarb Spritzers!

Another first here at the Orca Garden- putting our fabulous rhubarb to work in a delicious and cool bubbly drink on this warm spring day.


To be honest- the reception was mixed with this drink, maybe more so than usual. But the essential element of this is to try new things and especially fun & exotic plants in the garden here. It seems to help to add more simple syrup/sugar but that’s not what this garden is about! But sometimes a little sweetener goes a long way.


First you have to harvest your rhubarb and blend it in a blender till it is smooth. Pour into a sauce pan and cook for a solid 10 minutes. Then strain it into a pitcher that should end up looking like a pink juice. You can make some simple syrup by cooking up sugar and water and letting cool down. We got a cool new soda stream machine in here that made us some fast and affordable fizzy water. One parts of each should make a decent spritzer but you may want to sweeten to taste.DSC_0227






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