New south garden at Orca coming!

We had a local graduate student Selena approach us and ask if we were willing to work on some type of group learning project w/ youth. She is getting an MBA in Sustainable Systems at Pinchot University. I instantly thought of this area on the south side of the school that has always been unused and overgrown. It is a fenced in area full of nasty knotweed and old tree stumps.DSC_01836th graders were perfect for this project because of their endless energy and great group project gumption. After one day it experienced an amazing transformation!


We hope to plant a lot of food here for the food bank. It was really great to explore the idea of not only performing  selfless service projects & volunteering- but also the idea of using vacant spaces for urban farming in cities.


Seeing 6th graders remove rotten stumps using old fashioned elbow grease and extra superhuman tween strength was awesome!


There was some serious compost created from this project! We hope to plant and see this space grow in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!



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    Laura Beckstrom said,

    Yowza! Great Idea! Great work! Makes me want to get something done! Keep up the inspiring works, Kids!

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