Adios 5th grade!

So long 5th grade! Many students are moving to different middle schools, so this was a very bittersweet goodbye! I have known many of these students since pre-k (!) and have really seen them grow and grow. I of course made them celebrate this important milestone by eating a fresh, organic, local, and free Orca salad. These are some very special and talented youth who I know will take their garden knowledge out into the world and make it a better place. See ya!!!


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    Anonymous said,

    Hey Anthony it’s me Erin and I just want too thank you for an amazing last year at orca. You made it ten times better! So everybody give a shout out to Anthony. THANK YOU ANTHONY!!!!!!!! You are an amazing garden teacher

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      Anonymous said,

      Hey it’s Erin Liechty again and I know summer just started but I already miss u so bad. Thanks again for such an awesome year.

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    Nayra Atiya (Teta) said,

    Dear Anthony,

    Thank you for being such a fine presence in the lives of so many children. My granddaughters have been two of these children whose lives you have touched, whom you have raised along with and in the garden they have loved since kindergarten. Hannah Lola Malkin is now in high school; Amina Love Malkin is in your goodbye to the 5th grade photo. She follows in Hannah’s footsteps for middle school. My heart sings as images of children, over the years, at Orca , in the garden, come to mind again and again. For me, they are memories to cherish as I think of you continuing to nurture children and the garden year after year. Turn… Turn.. Turn…

    Your impact on these young lives and on the Orca community has been phenomenal, Anthony. Thank you does not begin to cover it, but thank you.

    Sincerely and admiringly,

    Nayra Atiya, also known as Teta, Hannah Lola and Amina Love’s grandmother and a fan since 2005.

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