Salad is where it’s at…


The end of year celebrations were fabulous around here as we ate salads fresh from the garden. What’s so special about a salad you might ask? The Orca garden has a lot of fresh greens and herbs so that kids can customize their own salad. We had plenty of chives, mustard greens, kales, chards, fennel, edible flowers, and even mint to add to a normal selection of romaine and heirloom lettuces. Kids grabbed their own scissors and bowl and commenced to visiting their outdoor salad bar.


Many students have said more times than I can count that they do not like salad but they love to eat salads at Orca. We make sure we grow a healthy assortment of edible goodies here to keep these ravenous rabbits satisfied and curious about eating fresh freshness from the garden. It is my feeling that when a child’s mind is open about fresh greens this early in life, then we might just have a healthy kale  and salad lovin’ adult in the future. And one who supports local, organic urban farming!


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