3rd Grade Scavenger Hunt

We had a great scavenger hunt today for 5 fresh things from the garden. We really stress the importance of a timely harvest to make sure nothing is wasted in the garden. The herbs are for pizza/spaghetti spice later, the potatoes are for french fries in the future, and the kale & pesto were about to be eaten right here as pesto.


Having some time to really explore the garden is important. This activity really falls in line w/ Orca’s philosophy of “freedom with responsibility”. The scavenger hunt lead to some fabulous pots o’ gold at the end- a delicious kale/basil pesto, chunks of fresh corn, and new mint tea.


We made the pesto up right there w/ a blender after they snagged the ingredients. We just add olive oil & salt (no nuts or dairy).


This corn was off the hook. Unfortunately there really is only enough for a couple classes to enjoy- but they will love it indeed.


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