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A Kid- A Can- A Month!


We have always maintained a great relationship with our local food bank Rainier Valley Food Bank– it is a critical food lifeline in our community. We at Orca have donated hundreds (thousands?!) of pounds of produce and thousands of packages of food over the years. This year we are getting a little late in starting our “A Kid-A Can-A Month” collection program. We are shooting for 10,000 cans & packages this year!


Help us with our goal by having your student bring food in every month. There is a collection box in each classroom. The class with the most cans/packages will win THE GOLDEN CAN each month- a trophy of sparkling goodness and social justice pride.

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Monster Kale Rolls


That giant monster kale is still growing strong in the garden, even after it seeded and I thought it was done for. In our continued quest to EAT EVERYTHING POSSIBLE out of the garden, we harvested kale and made some delicious rice & veggie rolls. This is an easy and tasty way to get kids to enjoy greens.


We still had some carrots & cucumber from the garden, added some daikon radish, and sprinkled some rice vinegar & soy sauce on it. It’s our own version of organic vegan sushi.


It was a delightful hit that most kids really enjoyed. I was given this small starter plant of monster kale as a gift but I was also told from our resident Southerner Barbara in our first base preschool & daycare here that it is actually tree collards. Either way, this plant has given us a phenomenal output.

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A taste of New Orleans…


Having just returned from New Orleans this past weekend it seemed a necessity to bring the flavor, culture, music, and spirit of this amazing place back to Orca. Of course adding in a voodoo alligator foot charm helped bring a sense of adventure to the situation.


But we had some down home southern possibilities available in our garden…So we got to work harvesting the last of the green tomatoes (since the last of the sunshine has appeared around here and all hope of sun & tomato ripening have disappeared).


We wrote the recipe down, listened to music, and ate! A true EXPERIENCE (available in our cool cookbook!)


We got DOWN w/ this recipe and some true New Orleans brass band music: REBIRTH! Listen here:



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