Connecting Orca with Native culture & history

Here in the Orca Garden Program, we try and incorporate Native NW culture & history into different programs & activities. For example, look at this quote from Chief Sealth of the Duwamish Tribe and the responses from our amazing 6th grade scholars. The responses were insightful and incredibly interesting!


The 3rd Graders are learning about Native NW plants and much of what they learn is traditional Native uses of plants as medicine, food, clothes, and more.


Today we stripped Western Red Cedar bark off the tree to demonstrate sustainable harvesting. The bark was used for clothes, baskets, diapers, and more.


It is through these reflections and investigations that we learn more about the Duwamish tribe. Their treaties have still not been honored and it should be compulsory to learn that we are on lands that were originally inhabited by these fascinating people. Today many students learned of Chief Sealth and the Duwamish Tribe for the first time. The #1 source of food for Native people was of course….SALMON! So as we grow our salmon, we see their history and connection to this land. Also we see the importance of being stewards for the environment and preserving their history and legacy.



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