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Environmental Science Night 2017!

What a stellar Orca academic science night! Each grade had different themes that they explored in the classroom and in the garden. The event was well attended and awesome.


The students really developed fabulous projects that educated and entertained folks at the Enviro Night. 5th grade AMAZING animations of how dams affect salmon. 4th grade made powerpoint presentations about alternative energy sources. The use of technology was a nice addition this year. Plus all the other incredible projects of students were well researched, dynamic, artistic, and creative also. Kudos Orca!

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Paper Mache’ Planets!

I wanted to assist our fabulous 1st grade teachers & students w/ their environmental science projects. It was about the solar system and especially our planets. I have not done paper mache’ too much w/ students because of the time & mess of it all but……we got inspired around here and got to work making an absolute mess of the greenhouse. A fun mess I should say! One class paper mache’d the balloons….


The other class painted…..


It’s hard to tell who made a bigger chaotic mess. But it was beautiful chaos and well worth the clean up time once the efforts paid off and the planets made it to our enviro night.




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Snowday & Snow-cream


The garden is about as snowy as could be and we just had to take advantage of that. We made some incredible vegan snow-cream treats from harvested snow, maple syrup, and whipped coconut milk.dsc_0542

What is more a more sustainable, free, and harvestable resource than snow?!? This activity was  a lot of fun and a great return to eating & cooking- which is welcomed in the middle of this garden-less winter.



We wrote the recipe down of course and hopefully the kids can enjoy this treat at home for a couple more days.


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