Orca Garden Sodas: End o’ year epic epicness!

What an amazing year of fun, food, environmentalism, joy, & wonder!!!


We made incredibly delicious garden themed sodas w/ our trusty Sodastream, a collection of awesome garden ingredients, and a few lemons & limes.


It has been an amazing year- the activities, culture, and uniqueness of Orca make it truly a special place for learning.


This last week was sunny, fun, and full o’ bubbly beverages that the kids enjoyed a lot. There might have been a lil’ hose spraying too to stay cool.


It was also a lil’ sad too because of all the great Orca students I have known forever moving on to different middle schools after 5th grade. All those kids got awesome tote bags & I sincerely hope they remember the Orca garden and their experience here! This was the first year too where I had known some kids from K-8th grade: the entire run. Bon voyage amazing kids! You will be missed!


Most kids got cool Orca Garden & Kale Revolution prints if (if they didn’t get a tote) that we printed up on a screen press. They signed them and I hope they throw them up on a wall somewhere and enjoy them!




Peace out y’all- it’s been a great year! Anthony (I) will be back for my 10th year (!!?!?!) next school year and we are already planning incredible units, themes, activities, and delicious foods to harvest. Stay cool & stay fresh!



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