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Room 101 & 102 revelations


It is pretty amazing to work w/ our medically fragile students in Room 101 & 102. Orca really prides itself on inclusion for all students. These two classrooms commonly interact and join with other regular education classes. These classes also come out once a week on their own and we have great small group sessions focusing on experiential learning and interacting w/ plants & the natural world.


We had them touching, smelling, and interacting w/ such cool plants as curry sage, mint, and lamb’s ear. It is really great that they have a space to come outside and enjoy themselves- or immerse themselves I should say, in a sensory rich environment. They seemed to enjoy it and become enthralled w/ each plant on this  amazingly sunny day.


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Pre-K & Kindergarten fun!



It’s always a fun experience to see a kindergarten or pre-k student dig a  carrot out of the ground for the first time (or for the 50th time!). Kids will never wonder where a carrot came from. To take a crunchy & delicious bite is to take a journey into garden flavors and yummy goodies.


We also harvested grapes, cherry tomatoes, fennel, mint, and more.


Kindergarteners harvested calendula flowers for a calendula medicinal balm we will make here at school. They all also got a sunflower if they wanted!


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5th,6th,7th, & 8th grade salsa!


Our Orca tomatoes are a big source of pride around here. They are grown from seed by students and the plants produce some of the most delicious tomatoes you have ever had. Multicolored salsa was made this last week: cherry, heirloom, & slicer tomatoes galore.


It’s a very fresh and delicious snack to make from scratch. We got some new “kid friendly” cutting knives and a plethora of new bamboo cutting boards to make this project more seamless.


It was a hit all around. It really is amazing to see new Orca students who have not had years of my “fresh, free, local, organic” propaganda. These new students really get their minds and taste buds blown wide open when they pick food w/ their classmates and prepare it in the greenhouse. They start as skeptics many times and end up as full blown chef participants. It’s great to start off the year by “breaking bread” together and having some delicious hands-on fun.

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