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Orca French Fries: A Delicious Tradition


It’s an amazing yearly tradition around here to dig potatoes out of the ground and turn them into the freshest french fries you have ever eaten.


The kids get shovels and commence with digging up purple, yellow, white, red, and fingerling potatoes. W3e bring them in, fry them up, and the kids go absolutely crazy for this fresh, organic, local, and free (F.O.L.F as we call it) version of their favorite snack.


Older students get the chance to use math to come up with a fraction number that shows the amount of ingredients they “know” in your local Mcfries. This is a chance to delve deeper into the critical thinking it should take to be a modern eater. Yes McD’s is an easy target but also a recognizable one that most kids can relate to.


And students can even take a look at the Mcfries I bought 4 years ago and have kept in a jar. Even though I have opened them periodically, they still haven’t decomposed. This simple visual tells you a lot- or at least makes folks think! Should we eat food this processed w/ 17 ingredients VS our 3 ingredients?


Delicious and fun!



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