Thai garden snacks: Miang Kham


Miang kham is one of my favorite Thai appetizers. It is a bunch of different & delicious flavors combined to create a unique combination of spice, sweetness, and sourness.


There are small pieces of lime, ginger, onion, coconut, sweet chili sauce, thai chilis, and sometimes peanuts. Traditionally used w/ the Thai la-la leaves, we use Orca kale & chard to give it a local and fresh twist. I also busted out small pieces of thai chilis for thos willing- remember to remove seeds or you might catch fire.


It is a strange and complex collection of flavors that exhibits different responses from kids. They generally enjoyed it a lot (with a few exceptions). With our new kid-friendly knives and cutting boards, the students are more involved in the prep & cutting than ever before. This recipe traditionally uses peanuts but we don’t use them (or the same plates/bowls) for classes w/ peanut allergies.

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