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Orca Garden Salad Bar!


What an incredible day of salad eating! We picked fresh salads w/ tons o’ lettuces (romaine, buttercrunch, red oak, speckled), arugula, many kales, kale flowers, fennel, chard, and more! We added some fresh dressings (organic & dairy free) and kids loved it.


IF THEY GROW IT, THEY WILL EAT IT! Kids were going back for 2nds,3rds, and 4ths!!!

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Orca Garden History!

We had the pleasure of a visit from one of the founders of the Orca Garden- way back in 1991! It was an honor to have Stan Hiserman come by and present us with a drawing comemorating the OPENING of the Orca Garden in 1991!?! It was illustrated by artist and Orca teacher Liz Newman. Stan even had a son in Marletta’s class back then. Marletta came out to the garden and they had a great catch up session. What a trip! Thanks Stan! Now to decide where to hang this cool art….

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