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Kindergarten first garden day

Such a great first kindergarten garden day- it’s so great to see so many siblings of other students at Orca & tons of former Pre-K students also! All students got to pick a carrot themselves from the carrot patch & also try tons of fruits & veggies. We tasted mint, lemon cucumbers, apples, kales, sorrel, grapes, & more. Kindergarteners are so open, fun, creative, and just plain awesome. It was a fresh beginning to an awesome upcoming year!!

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Welcome back…. SALSA!

What an amazing and flavorful week back! We made some serious salsa w/ fresh tomatoes & onions from the garden.  This was such a fun, engaging, colorful, and delicious activity to have for our first trip to the garden for the year. From 2nd grade to 8th grade, seeing students harvesting, cutting, eating, and enjoying this food is a truly awesome sight. With our new stainless steel bowls, kid friendly knives, and bamboo cutting boards- cooking is a breeze! Stay tuned for more….

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