Vietnamese fresh rolls!

What an awesome week of delicious Vietnamese fresh rolls. Your trusty garden coordinator Anthony just spent a month gallivanting around China & Vietnam. After a slideshow of temples, kitten cafes, waterfalls, and landscape pics, it was time to taste the wonder of Vietnam.


Students got to wet their own rice wrappers and fill them w/ delicious goodies. On the way into the greenhouse, they grabbed monster or dinosaur kale to add to the fresh rolls. Many other delicious veggies were added. There was some tofu baked for students on the first day but the daunting task of home baking tofu proved too much for the other days. The rolls still remained delicious and popular though!


This activity really exemplifies what this garden program is about: delicious, experiential journeys through the multicultural world of FOOD! We get to get down to the nitty gritty of sharing that human connection of eating, laughing, and sharing a special moment. We had a great time!


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