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Garden snow cones! Snowflakes too!


It was an awesome day in the garden as we made snow cones (!?) using fresh garden snow.Students scooped up fresh and clean snow in a bowl.


We used the fabulous Zevia soda flavors to make these snow cones. Zevia uses stevia instead of sugar. We grow the cool stevia plant in the garden and kids love it- it’s 50 times sweeter than sugar w/out all the negatives of sugar.


We also learned a bit about snowflakes (science!) and made snowflake replicas w/ paper. They have 6 sides (hexagons!).



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Garden Meditations & Reflections


We had a great morning w/ middle school last work where we spent some time w/ a sheet from our favorite garden education book “French Fries & The Food System”. This sheet asks some simple yet profound questions regarding how you feel & what you smell, think, and other observations. A great question included was about what you think this area looked like 100 years ago (no there weren’t any dinosaurs- did someone really say that?!). It was a sunny winter day and a great chance to sit quietly and observe.


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Greenhouse mural by middle school

We just did a cool project w/ middle school where they created their own art piece on salvaged wood. They sketched and painted it and we hung it up in the greenhouse. They really came out beautiful and the students enjoyed the artistic freedom.


The only guidelines were that the art pieces be related to something in or around the garden that they find interesting. We will probably fill this entire wall before year’s end w/ more pieces from next semester’s middle school art class.


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