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Annual Orca Fries awesomeness!

Purple fries!?! It was another epic harvest of many varieties of organic potatoes out of the Orca Garden. Students dig them up, wash them off, and then we fry them up in our trusty “Cooldaddy” fryer. While we don’t fry many things in the garden, this is one annual tradition that really connects with kids and their love of fries. The difference with ours is that they are F.L.O.F. (Fresh, Local, Organic, & Free). Older students take a more critical and scientific view as they examine the ingredients in a certain “McFry” (17 ingredients, but ours only have 3!). All in all the week was a greasy blast as we used art, science, and math to delve into the world of french fries.

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Viva la salsa! 6th grade picante!


It was an incredibly spicy and delicious day making fresh salsa from the garden. We harvested red onions, jalapeƱos, & many varieties of tomatoes from the garden to make this perfect dip for chips. This is a great first day activity because it gets us right in the garden harvesting & right into the greenhouse to chef it up!


Since we have so many varieties of tomatoes (which we grew from seed!), we had a rainbow colored salsa that was straight magic. We added a little lime, cilantro, salt, & chips and it all worked out great. They loved it and it was many students first time making salsa. Hopefully this creates a lifelong love of chip-dipping!


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Kindergarten 1st Day!


What an amazing first week of kindergarten garden classes. Not only did each student get to pick an awesome rainbow carrot , they also got to sample so many of the delicious foods that are organically grown in the garden. The first class is always special because it’s the beginning of an awesome journey in the garden. Many students stay at Orca K-8th grade and I have had the awesome opportunity to work with them for 9 years (!?). It’s gonna be a fun year!

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Welcome back 2019/2020!

Welcome back to another fabulous year of garden explorations! We have a ton of tasty veggies, herbs, and fruits to share as we explore sustainability, organic agriculture, delicious cooking, and more. All K-6 students get a weekly garden class all year & 7th/8th grade will be doing special projects part of the year through art & social studies. Let us feast & explore!

Many thanks,

Your trusty garden coordinator- Anthony


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