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Orca Snow Bowls w/ stevia soda


It was a snowy day & we gathered our trusty stainless steel bowls and headed outside to forage snow for snow bowls. It’s our own version of a snow cone but w/ one special ingredient: stevia soda.


Stevia is a great herb that is 50 times sweeter than sugar w/out all the bad stuff that sugar brings. We had a few flavors and straight up just poured it on the snow and had a delicious snack. This was wildly popular and was a great snow activity!

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Orca Salmon 2020!


The Orca K-8 School Coho salmon are back! This is our 12th year running this program and it’s always a highlight of the garden experience. Of course during this time of year the garden is fairly dormant and the weather is extra soggy so this experience helps us learn about something so cool indoors.


We are back at studying salmon life cycles, habitats, and how humans affect salmon. In just a couple months we will trek down to Seward Park & release them.


This full experience from egg to release is a learning opportunity that  the kids remember and cherish.

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