Salmon Mania 2018

Salmon mania is underway here at Orca w/ the arrival of our 200 Coho salmon eggs. This is our 10th year hosting our salmon buddies.


In just a couple months we all will walk down to Seward Park and release the salmon into Lake Washington. We have a ton of cool projects going on, including salmon graphic novels, Salmon hats, egg observations, and scientific inquiry of salmon in their post egg life cycle: alevin.


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Orca Collard Rice Rolls!

NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM! More delicious food prepared and devoured by Orca students!


We all got to collect collard leaves from the garden and fill them up with daikon radish, carrots, cucumber, rice, soy sauce, and rice vinegar. We scrubbed & rinsed the leaves off, prepped the food, and got into to eating as much as possible. Many kids went back for 2nds, 3rds, 4ths, and beyond. Our collard tree bush is more like a small tree.


Students really enjoyed chopping up the vegetables and preparing this dish. We have done this over the years w/ rainbow chard & various kales, but this might be the first time w/ collard greens.


Some classes even had enough time to write the recipe down.



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The glory of fall!

The garden is looking great this fall w/ all our fall crops and mulch protection.


Our dinosaur kale is looking fabulous. Not enough can be said about the merits of this plant and the fact that it can grow all fall and winter long.


The broccoli & cauliflower starts are looking great too, they really thrive in a mildly cold climate.


Our rainbow chards came from seeds that we harvested out of the garden and replanted.


November salads? We hope so, this romaine is looking pretty good.


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Thai garden snacks: Miang Kham


Miang kham is one of my favorite Thai appetizers. It is a bunch of different & delicious flavors combined to create a unique combination of spice, sweetness, and sourness.


There are small pieces of lime, ginger, onion, coconut, sweet chili sauce, thai chilis, and sometimes peanuts. Traditionally used w/ the Thai la-la leaves, we use Orca kale & chard to give it a local and fresh twist. I also busted out small pieces of thai chilis for thos willing- remember to remove seeds or you might catch fire.


It is a strange and complex collection of flavors that exhibits different responses from kids. They generally enjoyed it a lot (with a few exceptions). With our new kid-friendly knives and cutting boards, the students are more involved in the prep & cutting than ever before. This recipe traditionally uses peanuts but we don’t use them (or the same plates/bowls) for classes w/ peanut allergies.

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Get your mulch on!

6th grade got out in the sunshine today and got into some good mulching. This technique of collecting leaves and placing them around plants, gives plants insulation and protection from the cold. It also protects the soil from weather damage. To top it all off, the leaves will eventually turn to compost and feed the plants. We really value any outside garden time at this point of the year before the rains force us inside. Today was gorgeous!

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Kindergarten fried green tomatoes!

Kids love these tasty fried snacks from the garden. This recipe really fits into the idea of using everything we can in the garden before the rains come in and turn it all into compost. There’s no more sun for the tomatoes, so they will stay green, but we can’t let them go to waste! The students wrote the recipe (the best they could) after picking the biggest green tomato they could find. Though we don’t want to fry everything in the garden, coming in from the rain to make a hot snack is a fun thing to do sometimes. I made this recipe vegan & gluten free (though you don’t have to!). We used Ener-G egg replacer, brown rice flour, and coconut milk as alternatives.


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Kindergarten Harvestapalooza

Today we started organizing all the fabulous herbs we have been collecting the last 6 weeks. We started w/ making our own 2 mint tea bags to take home during the beginning of the cold season.


Then we got to work on getting all the lavender off the stems so we can make lavender oil soon.


The we started getting rosemary, oregano, basil, thyme, and savory off of their stems and preparing our pizza herb mix we will take home soon.


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