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Amazing first week back!

scarlet runner beans

So much tasting, smelling, harvesting, and all around fun in the garden this week. The garden really is a place that brings us all together for a common goal that we all can agree upon- becoming connected with food & the natural world. It’s such a place of smiles and enjoyment as kids walk around smelling, tasting, & exploring.

Of course the other kindergarten class got down on some carrots and had a grand time being out here for their very first class. These lil’ guys are so open and excited about just about everything. All I could hope for is some skill building in growing and being connected to the food we eat.  Also- if they just start to enjoy plants and the environment- mission accomplished.

We harvested a ton more calendula flowers & seeds, lavender, anise seeds, and more. This fall is gonna be a doozy.

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