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Another delicious Rainier Valley Food Bank donation!

Kale, chard, broccoli, & carrots oh my! Our weekly delivery has been abundant and very very green. We are also dreaming up bigger and better ways to grow our connection with RVFB!

Yum yum

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Summer Garden Love

It’s looking absolutely amazing out here. They keep me locked up in here over the summer, to ensure a proper harvest this Fall. We got potatoes, tomatoes, tons of greens, squashes- all to be eaten by students soon! So keep on comin’ sun, we need ya!

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Lavender harvest- sachet anyone?

Picked a bunch of lavender to dry today. Lavender sachet mini-pillows were a huge hit- especially with kindergarteners. Here is a good blog post about how it is done ELABORATELY. But we did it this way last school year w/ muslin tea bags. Either way- planning ahead for a harvest of lavender will set us up for some fun in September.

Dry yourself up lavender!

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Harvesting calendula- let’s get medicinal.

I harvested a ton of calendula flowers today. Calendula has some amazing medicinal properties, and I plan on making a healing salve w/ students. There is some great info on how to do that here:

This is a great opportunity to discuss medicinal plants and have students be able to take that knowledge/product home and use it!

Drying calendula

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1st Food Bank Donation of the summer!

We clipped a massive amount of greens today and delivered them to the Rainier Valley Food Bank. They were really excited and said that they were sure people would grab them up quick! It’s great having a partnership with such a critical link in the food chain, here in South Seattle. Orca is all bout making a difference in the community- in a nutritious and delicious way.

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Summer Madness!

Is it finally summer? Can we feel the pollen in the air (sorry you allergic folks out there!)? well the Orca garden is growing like crazy- finally! The tomatoes are beautiful and the garden looks like it will produce more for the food bank this summer than ever. We will also have an abundant harvest this fall when the kiddoes come back and revel in the glory of this magical place.

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