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Food bank, p-patch, and meditations

Another fabulous food bank donation was made today. Over 20 pounds of zuchinis, squashes, basil, tomatoes, greens, and more.

As I gathered the food with a couple visiting “Orcans”, I got to thinking about how the experience of growing and giving impacts students. If we as a school system really instilled a sense of community service, social justice, and action in what we do- we could see that elusive “transformative change” in the world. If the school system moved away from “concepts” and into the realm of actual action, students could feel that their learning has a real impact on the world. They wouldn’t be talking about it, they would be be-ing about it!

We really value our relationship with the food bank, and the smiles on the seniors there today, as they walked away with big bags of greens- was amazing.

Zuchini bread anyone?

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Managing tomato craziness

The tomatoes got so huge they were collapsing the tomato cages and even collapsing the plant itself. I had to get in there with stick, bamboo, pvc pipe- whatever, just to get them off the ground and elevated a bit. There are so many tomatoes that I better start researching recipes! Check the scene out!



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Marching towards the end of summer

The beginning of school is on the horizon and the Orca garden has plans afoot for an amazing year of garden & sustainability education. We have been harvesting a lot out of the garden for Fall activities. We are excited to eat, eat, eat! The garden season seems to be a month behind BUT that is great news for us because more food will be available to students when they return. We have thousands of tomatoes, and none are red yet! We are excited to welcome back new and returning students- get ready for the best year yet!

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Food bank goodness

Another delicious food bank delivery of greens, basil, carrots, and cucumbers. 2o pounds this week!


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It’s a jungle in here!

It's a tomato jungle!

Its becoming absolute madness in the garden. Some students dropped by and I got them to crawl into this massive collection of tomato plants- pizza, tomato sauce, salsa- HERE WE COME! I also harvested a ton of valerian root. But wait! It’s a mild sedative and stress reliever- check here. I know those middle schoolers get kinda wild, but we probably can’t feed them this magical plant due to a thousand school district rules. BUT I plan on cooking up my own concoction and helping some adults i know relax. Ahhhhhhh.

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More food bank love

20 pounds this week to the RVFB! Thanks to both the Orca garden & The Hillman City P-Patch. Love love love!


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Summer is in effect, the garden is off the hook- it’s growing, looking, and smelling amazing. The tomatoes get better every year and it’s true again- best tomatoes ever (see pic below)! Students grew all these plants from seeds.

This late summer of ours will be perfect for an abundant fall harvest- the plants are huge! Summer is breezing by, but us here at the Orca garden are prepping for the best school year yet- featuring delicious food, critical thinking, community service, and a giant focus on sustainability.

Bird's eye view of the garden

Peeking through the tomatoes....

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