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Pre-K springtime joy!

Awesome visit yesterday from our fabulous Pre-K here at Orca. Many of these kids will move onto kindergarten here and having this extra year to enjoy the garden is a great start to a lifelong love of plants. They haven’t had garden classes since November so they were really excited to get out and enjoy some plants. We tasted tons of plants & herbs and picked flowers, sages, and cool leaves.

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Salmon Release 2018!

What an amazing day, as the sky cleared, and students walked to Lake Washington to release our baby Coho salmon at Seward Park. We had a lot of fun at this annual event- our 10th in a row! Thanks to the Salmon in Schools program for hooking us up w/ salmon eggs. They grew up for 3+ months here before we released some of the strongest fish we have ever had here at Orca. Thanks to all the families who came too, it was well attended and people had a blast.

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