Kindergarten fried green tomatoes!

Kids love these tasty fried snacks from the garden. This recipe really fits into the idea of using everything we can in the garden before the rains come in and turn it all into compost. There’s no more sun for the tomatoes, so they will stay green, but we can’t let them go to waste! The students wrote the recipe (the best they could) after picking the biggest green tomato they could find. Though we don’t want to fry everything in the garden, coming in from the rain to make a hot snack is a fun thing to do sometimes. I made this recipe vegan & gluten free (though you don’t have to!). We used Ener-G egg replacer, brown rice flour, and coconut milk as alternatives.



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Kindergarten Harvestapalooza

Today we started organizing all the fabulous herbs we have been collecting the last 6 weeks. We started w/ making our own 2 mint tea bags to take home during the beginning of the cold season.


Then we got to work on getting all the lavender off the stems so we can make lavender oil soon.


The we started getting rosemary, oregano, basil, thyme, and savory off of their stems and preparing our pizza herb mix we will take home soon.


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Middle School Harvest Festival 2017

We had a blast yesterday making apple cider in the garden w/ our apple press, eating harvest themed foods in the greenhouse, making plant crowns,  face painting, and making lavender sachets. The sun came out for us and we had an awesome time breaking bread and hanging out.

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K-5 Harvest Festival 2017

Harvest Festival was a smash hit this year! There were lavender sachets, corn husk dolls, face painting, awesome food, and our amazing apple cider press in full press mode. I heard many kids say it is their favorite school day of the year. It is a beloved ritual and tradition that brings everybody together in the garden. Thank you so much to the parent volunteers and all the families that brought food to share- we love you!


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Orca French Fries: A Delicious Tradition


It’s an amazing yearly tradition around here to dig potatoes out of the ground and turn them into the freshest french fries you have ever eaten.


The kids get shovels and commence with digging up purple, yellow, white, red, and fingerling potatoes. W3e bring them in, fry them up, and the kids go absolutely crazy for this fresh, organic, local, and free (F.O.L.F as we call it) version of their favorite snack.


Older students get the chance to use math to come up with a fraction number that shows the amount of ingredients they “know” in your local Mcfries. This is a chance to delve deeper into the critical thinking it should take to be a modern eater. Yes McD’s is an easy target but also a recognizable one that most kids can relate to.


And students can even take a look at the Mcfries I bought 4 years ago and have kept in a jar. Even though I have opened them periodically, they still haven’t decomposed. This simple visual tells you a lot- or at least makes folks think! Should we eat food this processed w/ 17 ingredients VS our 3 ingredients?


Delicious and fun!



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Room 101 & 102 revelations


It is pretty amazing to work w/ our medically fragile students in Room 101 & 102. Orca really prides itself on inclusion for all students. These two classrooms commonly interact and join with other regular education classes. These classes also come out once a week on their own and we have great small group sessions focusing on experiential learning and interacting w/ plants & the natural world.


We had them touching, smelling, and interacting w/ such cool plants as curry sage, mint, and lamb’s ear. It is really great that they have a space to come outside and enjoy themselves- or immerse themselves I should say, in a sensory rich environment. They seemed to enjoy it and become enthralled w/ each plant on this  amazingly sunny day.


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Pre-K & Kindergarten fun!



It’s always a fun experience to see a kindergarten or pre-k student dig a  carrot out of the ground for the first time (or for the 50th time!). Kids will never wonder where a carrot came from. To take a crunchy & delicious bite is to take a journey into garden flavors and yummy goodies.


We also harvested grapes, cherry tomatoes, fennel, mint, and more.


Kindergarteners harvested calendula flowers for a calendula medicinal balm we will make here at school. They all also got a sunflower if they wanted!


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