Our favorite Thai appetizer Miang Kham


This awesome recipe is a favorite of mine on the streets of Bangkok- a delicious flavor explosion full of delicious ingredients. Miang Kham! Using garden greens (collards & kale) we wrapped up all these ingredients and had a ton of fun. This was surprisingly popular with our younger and pickier eaters- there’s a bit of spice in this one (ginger & onion). Ingredients:

1. Coconut

2. Lime pieces (peel included)

3. Ginger

4. Onion

5. Sweet chili sauce

6. Nuts (we use seeds because of allergies)

7. Thai chilis

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Bay leaves and tree leaves


WE combined two fun activities- collecting scrumptious bay leaves to take home for cooking AND collecting leaves to cover the garden beds for the winter. Our bay leaf tree started out as a small shrub 12 years ago and is now an amazing resource for bay leaves. But first we got to collect leaves around the school and cart them back to the garden to protect our precious soil. MULCH!


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Fried Green Tomatoes!

It’s been a delicious week of harvesting green tomatoes, putting them in a vegan & gluten-free batter AND frying them up. Hopefully students bring home those recipes and enjoy them with their families. We don’t fry much in the garden but when we do- it’s enjoyed!

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K-5 Harvest Festival Fun 2019!

The rain couldn’t stop our fun this year at our annual Harvest Festival. He ate, we played, we cider’d, & we came together to have a blast. We had cornhusk dolls, lavender sachets, cider pressing, face painting, leaf crowning, and more. It was a festive community oriented environment that brought a lot of smiles.

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Middle School Harvest Festival 2019

What an amazing day of community, food, & fall harvest activities! This yearly tradition is something the students look forward to every year. This huge potluck brings us together to break bread, share conversations, and enjoy each other’s company. The cider press was whirrin’, the chicken was clucking’, and the whole garden was hummin’ with positive energy and good times. They all had a blast!

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The infamous Orca Stone Soup!


Should I place this stone in this soup?

We enjoyed our annual folktale Stone Soup this last week! Along w/ sharing this fabulous story about sharing, we also got to share actual delicious soup featuring many ingredients from the garden. It was fun, informative, and a great way to spend an afternoon in the greenhouse. Students also got to create a comic book page and/or a soup label to express their knowledge and feelings of the soup. This is always a fun activity that students look forward to each year.

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Sage & Native American culture


We harvested about 5 varieties of sage this week. Sage has always been an important plant & herb, commonly referred to as a sacred plant in Native American culture.  Traditionally when dried & burned, it was believed to ward off bad spirits & feelings. It’s also a great incense and it really does cleanse an area with it’s aromatic and distinctive smell. The middle schoolers got to wrap a bunch and take it home this week. The garden is an amazing place to share Native culture and this is just one way that we do that.

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