First things first- thanks to all for an incredible plant sale. We went online, rolled w/ the punches, and hopefully filled your garden with amazing plants!. Onward! For those who want to donate to Orca or BUY some tomatoes, we will have our website up another week:


Now it’s time to donate our leftovers. LET FOLKS KNOW THAT WE HAVE DONATIONS FOR NON PROFITS, SCHOOLS, & FAMILIES/PEOPLE IN NEED! Please email  OR folks can come by the Orca Greenhouse 5215 46th Ave. S. from 10am-3pm Tues-Thurs, holler over the fence without entering the school grounds (keepin’ it safe y’all!), and we will hook you up! We just dropped off 100+ tomatoes at Rainier Valley Food Bank– OUR AMAZING PARTNER FOR 10+ years!

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Orca Plant Sale 2020 is on! (online that is..)




Have no fear- Orca K-8 School will still be able to supply you with the juiciest tomato plants and organic starts this year! We are moving our annual sale online and will be providing delivery or pickup options. In these unprecedented times, we know you want to be outside gardening and growing delicious food so we knew we had to move forward with this sale! This sale helps fund our garden program here at Orca and the support of our community means so much to us. The plants are looking good  but will look even better in your yard!

We will also have perennial, annual, fruit tress/bushes, and other options available. While our sale will be scaled down this year- we will still have thousands of plants available for you. Full list coming soon!

Facebook EVENT PAGE HERE! Please invite any and everyone!

Orders start May 7th (ACTUALLY THE EVENING OF MAY 6TH) and will continue till May 14th. We will get these plants in your hands in that time!

Now…. Check out our tomato options: partial list- more soon:


Greenhouse is looking amazing!



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A Very Caesar 6th Grade!


Garden education is tough in the winter time- we have to get a lot more cerebral. We miss out on the more delicious food activities of the late spring and early fall. But today was different- we got busy w/ some organic ingredients from the local PCC and enjoyed preparing a caesar salad from scratch. It was a lot of fun!


This is a great recipe for kids that they can easily prepare at home on their own or with their families. In fact a lot of kids were so psyched about it that they proclaimed that they were gonna go home after school and implore their parents to procure these exact ingredients. Salad for ever!

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Calendula balm (grown & made at Orca)


Every class got to take home a calendula balm w/ flowers grown in the Orca garden. Calendula is a medicinal flower that does wonders on people’s skin. With just a few simple ingredients, it is easy to make and fairly economical to produce in large quantities. It’s definitely a crowd pleaser and a yearly tradition here in the garden. The ingredients are calendula flowers (soaked in olive oil for a month), beeswax, olive oil, and some classes had mint oil added. It’s great on chapped lips, cuts & scrapes, dry skin, sunburns, and more!



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Orca Snow Bowls w/ stevia soda


It was a snowy day & we gathered our trusty stainless steel bowls and headed outside to forage snow for snow bowls. It’s our own version of a snow cone but w/ one special ingredient: stevia soda.


Stevia is a great herb that is 50 times sweeter than sugar w/out all the bad stuff that sugar brings. We had a few flavors and straight up just poured it on the snow and had a delicious snack. This was wildly popular and was a great snow activity!

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Orca Salmon 2020!


The Orca K-8 School Coho salmon are back! This is our 12th year running this program and it’s always a highlight of the garden experience. Of course during this time of year the garden is fairly dormant and the weather is extra soggy so this experience helps us learn about something so cool indoors.


We are back at studying salmon life cycles, habitats, and how humans affect salmon. In just a couple months we will trek down to Seward Park & release them.


This full experience from egg to release is a learning opportunity that  the kids remember and cherish.

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Our favorite Thai appetizer Miang Kham


This awesome recipe is a favorite of mine on the streets of Bangkok- a delicious flavor explosion full of delicious ingredients. Miang Kham! Using garden greens (collards & kale) we wrapped up all these ingredients and had a ton of fun. This was surprisingly popular with our younger and pickier eaters- there’s a bit of spice in this one (ginger & onion). Ingredients:

1. Coconut

2. Lime pieces (peel included)

3. Ginger

4. Onion

5. Sweet chili sauce

6. Nuts (we use seeds because of allergies)

7. Thai chilis

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Bay leaves and tree leaves


WE combined two fun activities- collecting scrumptious bay leaves to take home for cooking AND collecting leaves to cover the garden beds for the winter. Our bay leaf tree started out as a small shrub 12 years ago and is now an amazing resource for bay leaves. But first we got to collect leaves around the school and cart them back to the garden to protect our precious soil. MULCH!


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Fried Green Tomatoes!

It’s been a delicious week of harvesting green tomatoes, putting them in a vegan & gluten-free batter AND frying them up. Hopefully students bring home those recipes and enjoy them with their families. We don’t fry much in the garden but when we do- it’s enjoyed!

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K-5 Harvest Festival Fun 2019!

The rain couldn’t stop our fun this year at our annual Harvest Festival. He ate, we played, we cider’d, & we came together to have a blast. We had cornhusk dolls, lavender sachets, cider pressing, face painting, leaf crowning, and more. It was a festive community oriented environment that brought a lot of smiles.

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