Plant Sale May 11th! 10am-3pm

Behold the mighty annual Orca Plant Sale May 11th! Orca School is located at 5215 46th Ave. S. in lovely Hillman City, Seattle, Wa. Come pick up the finest organic tomatoes & veggies that are grown by Orca students. This annual fundraiser raises money for our public school garden program & helps us grow plants for the many schools & organizations that we donate plants to. Our main specialty is our awesome variety of tomato plants- heirlooms, cherries, slicers, saucers, and more. We will have Cascadian Edible Landscapes & Rosebriar Garden selling their fine plants too- fruits, trees, herbs, native plants, flowers, and more. We will also have food from our delicious bake sale available also. See you May 11th!



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Green Plate Special!

What an awesome day of eating & learning in the greenhouse today as Green Plate Special came to work with our middle school scholars! Students got to prepare quesadillas from scratch and  learn a bit about food systems also. It was a delicious and engaging activity that saw many kids carrying leftovers in foil with them as they headed to lunch.



Many thanks to Maia, Emily, & Em for visiting us and sharing their food knowledge. The students were very engaged and enjoyed the flavors a lot. Thanks!


This is one of the amazing food system maps they were working on:




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Garden snow cones! Snowflakes too!


It was an awesome day in the garden as we made snow cones (!?) using fresh garden snow.Students scooped up fresh and clean snow in a bowl.


We used the fabulous Zevia soda flavors to make these snow cones. Zevia uses stevia instead of sugar. We grow the cool stevia plant in the garden and kids love it- it’s 50 times sweeter than sugar w/out all the negatives of sugar.


We also learned a bit about snowflakes (science!) and made snowflake replicas w/ paper. They have 6 sides (hexagons!).



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Garden Meditations & Reflections


We had a great morning w/ middle school last work where we spent some time w/ a sheet from our favorite garden education book “French Fries & The Food System”. This sheet asks some simple yet profound questions regarding how you feel & what you smell, think, and other observations. A great question included was about what you think this area looked like 100 years ago (no there weren’t any dinosaurs- did someone really say that?!). It was a sunny winter day and a great chance to sit quietly and observe.


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Greenhouse mural by middle school

We just did a cool project w/ middle school where they created their own art piece on salvaged wood. They sketched and painted it and we hung it up in the greenhouse. They really came out beautiful and the students enjoyed the artistic freedom.


The only guidelines were that the art pieces be related to something in or around the garden that they find interesting. We will probably fill this entire wall before year’s end w/ more pieces from next semester’s middle school art class.


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Vietnamese fresh rolls!

What an awesome week of delicious Vietnamese fresh rolls. Your trusty garden coordinator Anthony just spent a month gallivanting around China & Vietnam. After a slideshow of temples, kitten cafes, waterfalls, and landscape pics, it was time to taste the wonder of Vietnam.


Students got to wet their own rice wrappers and fill them w/ delicious goodies. On the way into the greenhouse, they grabbed monster or dinosaur kale to add to the fresh rolls. Many other delicious veggies were added. There was some tofu baked for students on the first day but the daunting task of home baking tofu proved too much for the other days. The rolls still remained delicious and popular though!


This activity really exemplifies what this garden program is about: delicious, experiential journeys through the multicultural world of FOOD! We get to get down to the nitty gritty of sharing that human connection of eating, laughing, and sharing a special moment. We had a great time!


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Coho Salmon Arrival!

It was a glorious day as the baby Coho salmon eggs arrived here at Orca! This annual tradition has happened for the last 12 years and run through the garden program. We will raise them until they grow for a few months and then release them into the wild at Seward Park, 1.1 miles away from Orca.


It was pretty awesome that the kindergarteners were there the moment the eggs arrived and got to see them as they were put into the tank for the first time. They were excited!


They got to color and cut out salmon egg drawings to be placed in the 1st floor hallway as part of a large hallway long comic that will show the life cycle of salmon. The journey begins!




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